• Pass the the American Board of Surgery Certifying Examination
    Congratulations on making it to this stage in your career. You have shown the fund of knowledge required to pass the American Board of Surgery Qualifying Examination, and the Certifying (Oral) exam is the last hurdle for you to become a board certified surgeon. Whether its your first time or successive time taking the oral exam we can help you.
  • Learn the rules of the game
    You know the subject matter. You made it through grueling years of training to get to this point. Surgical training programs are inconsistent when it comes to preparing surgeons to pass the oral exam. We help you learn the rules of the exam. Like learning a language, once you know the rules, everything becomes clearer. Develop the body language, focus, and confidence you need to get your point across to the board examiners.
  • Learn with experienced surgeons
    Dr. Chiu is a board certified surgeon who has trained and mentored medical students and surgical residents. He has prepared ACGME and AOA surgery program graduates to pass the oral exam and become board certified surgeons.
  • Customized programs, Consistent results
    Dozens of surgeons have passed the oral exam using our techniques. An individually tailored program is created based on your prior exam performance and adjusted based on your performance during sessions. For those in the New York City metropolitan area we offer in person review sessions. We also offer sessions over Skype or Facetime. Contact us today and see how we can help you make all kinds of gains toward achieving board certification.