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Why are blood glucose levels important?

Tight blood glucose and insulin control is the key to burning fat. Certain foods can raise your blood glucose levels to rise and this excess glucose is converted to fat via insulin secretion. Stress can also have a significant effect on blood glucose levels through hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Everyone’s blood glucose response is different

People will react differently to different foods as will their blood sugar response. For example: white rice may spike your blood sugar but quinoa or oats may not. The same idea applies to stressful situations. Your blood sugar may spike after that third cup of coffee during a sales call but may remain normal after a brief run or workout.

Why use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)?

  • A CGM can help you identify foods that raise blood sugar so you can reduce intake or avoid altogether. It can also help identify food combinations that reduce blood sugar spikes. For example, adding proteins and fats to a carbohydrate meal can blunt post-meal glucose fluctuations.
  • For diabetics, a CGM means less finger sticks, real time glucose monitoring, and potential reduction in diabetes medications.
  • Real time monitoring allows you to make small but focused adjustments to your diet or physical routine that can have significant lasting impacts on your body.

How does physician monitoring help?

The real time data transmitted by the CGM allows us to offer insight and recommendations on your food choices and activities. Regular contacts and follow up keeps you motivated and focused on your goals and we are happy to help you achieve them.

Which CGM do you use for your Continuous Glucose Monitoring program?

We use the Abbott Freestyle Libre 14-day system. We find that this system is the most affordable and user-friendly for patients. In addition, the data sharing through the smartphone app allows us to provide real-time recommendations and guidance to patients.

Are the CGM and lab work included in Continuous Glucose Monitoring program price?

No. The CGM and lab work are not included in the Continuous Glucose Monitoring program price. There are several ways to decrease your out-of-pocket cost when purchasing a CGM or doing lab work that can be discussed during consultation.

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